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ynmaCan a yeast infection be contagious? Absolutely! So if you even think that you may have a yeast infection you need to take precautions. There are factors that affect it such as how severe the yeast infection is, the level or method of contact, and the immunity level of the receiver.
Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Mary has a severe yeast infection and uses the toilet. Jane comes along and sits on the same toilet. Is Jane going to get a yeast infection? Well if you know about yeast, it needs a warm environment. So some people say that this is not possible. Do you think that it dies immediately? I am guessing that it takes a little time. I am sure that I would not want to risk my health on it!

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Here is another. John has a yeast infection on his penis. The temperature of the penis is around 77 degrees, so it stays dormant. So John and his wife Linda have sex. Next thing you know Linda has a terrible yeast infection and does not understand why. The temperature suddenly got higher during sex and caused the yeast infection to “wake up”. This provided exactly what the bacteria was looking for.
And don’t forget about oral sex. It could be easily transmitted that way as well.
So everyone is different and things affect people in different ways. So what should YOU do?
Well I like to look at things in a “risk vs rewards” way. The rewards of sex are a few moments of pleasure. The risks are getting a yeast infection. Not really a good trade off.
So here is my recommendation. If you think that you or your partner have a yeast infection do not have sex. Keep everything clean. Wash your hands, take showers, wear clean clothes, and if you must have sex, use a condom.
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