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ynmaA woman should know her own body, and know when something is wrong. A vaginal discharge could indicate a yeast infection, but it could also indicate that something else is wrong. We will talk about the different types of discharge and what they could possibly mean. Please keep in mind that all bodies are different and that there are many different signs that could indicate different things on different people.

The Discharges

Typically a yeast infection discharge will have the consistency of cottage cheese. The color could range from almost clear, to a light yellow, to a white. There may or may not be an odor. Sometimes an odor is yet another sign of a yeast infection. It could smell like beer or bread (yeast).

A yellow discharge that smells fishy or rotten could actually come from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). If this is the case a trip to the doctor is strongly recommended!

A green vaginal discharge could be a more severe form of bacterial infection.

A bloody or pink vaginal discharge could come from a bacterial infection in the urethra. It could also be accompanied by lower abdominal pain and frequent urination.

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Should I Have Sex?

I have to be honest here. Why would you want to take the chance? Unless you know for sure what is going on, the rewards are not worth the risks! There are just too many things that could happen.

Summing It Up

You are in charge of your future. Nobody knows your body like you do. Some women do have a normal discharge and some don’t. There are different types of discharges with different colors and smells. It could be a yeast infection discharge, or it could be something even more serious! If you are concerned, since you know your body, then you should take the next step. See your doctor. Don’t assume that just because a friend had a similar discharge that was of no concern, that you have nothing to be worried about.